Learn About Simon Kjaer: Age, Birthdate, Zodiac Sign & More

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Simon Kjaer was born on March 26, 1989, in Denmark. From a young age, he showed a natural talent for soccer and began playing youth soccer for Midtjylland. It was here where he honed his skills and developed into a promising young player.

Professional Debut and Success

In 2007, Kjaer made his professional debut with Midtjylland and quickly made a name for himself as a solid center back. His strong performances caught the attention of Italian club Palermo, where he would go on to play before moving to German side VfL Wolfsburg.

Kjaer's career continued to flourish as he represented Denmark in the FIFA World Cup in both 2010 and 2018. His defensive prowess and leadership qualities on the field made him an integral part of the national team.

Continued Success and International Recognition

In 2013, Kjaer signed with Lille OSC, further solidifying his reputation as a top defender in European football. He continued to impress on the international stage, playing in the UEFA European Championship in 2012 and 2020.

Off the field, Kjaer credits his parents, Lotte and Jorn, for their unwavering support throughout his career. Their encouragement and guidance have played a significant role in his success both on and off the pitch.

Teammate and Mentor

Kjaer had the opportunity to play alongside fellow center back Daniel Agger on Denmark's national team in 2009. Agger, a seasoned veteran in the sport, served as a mentor to Kjaer, helping him navigate the challenges of professional football and continue to grow as a player.

With his dedication, skill, and determination, Simon Kjaer has established himself as one of Denmark's most accomplished footballers. His journey from a youth player at Midtjylland to a key player on the international stage is a testament to his talent and perseverance.