Learn About Simon Harrison: Age, Birthdate, Zodiac Sign & More

Early Life

Simon Harrison, born on February 13, 1992, in the United States, is a prominent YouTube star known for his engaging content surrounding LGBT topics. Growing up, Simon discovered his passion for music at a young age. At fifteen, he taught himself how to play the guitar and piano, showcasing his musical talents on his channel.


Simon attended a Catholic high school where he was involved in various extracurricular activities. He was a dedicated member of the cheerleading team, showing his commitment to teamwork and sportsmanship. Despite facing challenges as a gay man in a traditional school environment, Simon used his experiences to educate and empower others through his YouTube platform.

YouTube Career

Simon's self-titled channel quickly gained popularity, attracting over 30,000 subscribers with his authentic storytelling and perspective on LGBT issues. His videos cover a wide range of topics, from personal anecdotes to Q&A sessions that resonate with viewers from diverse backgrounds.

Notable Work

One of Simon's most impactful videos, "Coming Out to Homophobic Parents," went viral after its release in December 2012. The raw and emotional account of his personal journey resonated with audiences worldwide, garnering over half a million views and sparking important conversations about acceptance and love within families.

Family Life

Simon comes from a large, blended family, with three half-siblings and nine step-siblings. Despite the challenges of navigating family dynamics, Simon has always emphasized the importance of love and understanding in fostering healthy relationships with loved ones.


Simon has collaborated with fellow gay vlogger Neil McNeil, sharing their unique perspectives and experiences on each other's channels. Their partnership has allowed them to reach a wider audience and create a supportive community for individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.

Personal Growth

Throughout his career, Simon has continued to evolve as a content creator, using his platform to advocate for inclusivity and acceptance. By sharing his personal story and insights, Simon has inspired countless individuals to embrace their identities and speak their truth without fear or shame.